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Polo spectator
[Close-up image of a po...
donation by, Salom, Ped...
Title Polo spectator
Source donation by, Salom, Pedro:
Description [Close-up image of a polo spectator. Note on verso reads "G. Frazier." [Gretchen Fraser] She is wearing a straw woven hat with feathers. She appears to be riding on top of the back seat in a convertible car enjoying the status of a VIP., These are the images from the photo morgue of the Wood River Journal which was preceeded by the Hailey Times, the Wood River News, the Wood River Miner, and the Wood River Times. Many of the older images were obtained over the years from the Community Library's archive and are duplicate copies. Other than a few older photographs the date that the collection really begins is 1950.]
Identifier F15005385
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