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[Hailey High School gro...
[Hailey (Idaho), New Yo...
F 10285
Title Photograph.
Source [Hailey (Idaho), New York City]
Description [Hailey High School group of fourteen students and two teachers gathered for their trip to Europe on Pan American Airlines, banner, U.S.N.S.A Educational Travel, Inc, Blaine County Tour, Aseta Travel, Alba Arndt, Wayne Morrison, Claudia Fife, Henry Arndt, Larry Glenn, Jean Mizer TodhunterMen's fashions, women's fashions, purses, bags, glasses, camers, sneakers, loading ramp,, Please Credit Pan American World Airways, N.Y. International Airport., These are the images from the photo morgue of the Wood River Journal which was preceeded by the Hailey Times, the Wood River News, the Wood River Miner, and the Wood River Times. Many of the older images were obtained over the years from the Community Library's archive and are duplicate copies. Other than a few older photographs the date that the collection really begins is 1950.]
Identifier F 10285
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