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Jeanne Lane Oral History.
Jeanne Lane 1921-2000.
Jeanne Lane Oral Histor...
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OH 0037 LAN
Title Jeanne Lane Oral History.
Creator Jeanne Lane 1921-2000.
Description [The OraThis oral history interview was conducted by Dorothy Thomas; transcribed by Barbro Wood; and edited by Shirley Tallackson, Sandra Hofferber, and Clara Spiegel., Jeanne tells the tale of The Community Library and the Gold Mine and how it all works together. Jeanne was a charter member of The Community Library at the time of the interview which was taken in December of 1983. Topics of discussion include original treasury amount of $17 (one dollar from each original member ) in 1954; mention of work at the Gold Mine; various ideas for fuund raising, successful fund raising and construction of current library building, early days of the Home Tour fund raising event; Miriam Breckenridge and her oral history interviews with early sheep herding operators as the impetus for the development of the library's Regional History Department.]
Identifier OH 0037 LAN
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