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Hemingway Walking with Woman, Spanish Streets
Hemingway Walking with ...
Hemingway and a woman, ...
[Located on Mary Heming...
Title Hemingway Walking with Woman, Spanish Streets
Identifier 2018.2.12
Description Summary Hemingway and a woman, likely Valerie Hemingway (Danby-Smith), walk the streets of a city in Spain. He wears a gingham shirt, white cap and sunglasses, holding an object, and she wears a striped dress and pearl necklace.
Description Notes [Located on Mary Hemingway's desk; middle third, top left, Condition: good, curled, glossy print, vertical crease on back, Back of photo is stamped. "Institucion Defensora Propiedad Fotografica; Prohibida La Reproduccion Y Publicacion Sin Abonar Lod Derechos De Autor; Cano y Guerra; Fotografo Taurino; Ventura Vega, 21-Telef, 220159; Madrid."]
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