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Portrait of Antonio Ordonez, Bullfighter
Portrait of Antonio Ord...
Portrait of upper body ...
[Located on Mary Heming...
Title Portrait of Antonio Ordonez, Bullfighter
Identifier 2018.2.13
Description Summary Portrait of upper body of Antonio Ordonez, wearing traditional bullfighter apparel, looking to his right at camera, with a shallow depth of field and blurred background. Hemingway followed bullfights closely and wrote �The Dangerous Summer� about Antonio Ordonez and another bullfighter, Luis Miguel Dominguin.
Description Notes [Located on Mary Hemingway's desk; middle third, bottom left, Condition: good,not curled, semi-glossy print, no white border, Back of photo is stamped. "Orjona; Fotografo de Prensa; Sevilla" (remaining illegible)]
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