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An interview with Dennis Burks
Burks, Dennis, 1918- ,
An interview with Denni...
Oral history sound reco...
OH 0013 BUR
Title An interview with Dennis Burks
Creator Burks, Dennis, 1918- ,
Description [The Oral History Collection consists of taped interviews of long-time residents. This oral history interview was conducted by Miriam Breckenridge; and was editied by Ginger Piotter, sandraHofferber, and Clara Spiegal; and was transcribed by Claudia Walsworth., This is a very detailed Oral History of the sheep business in the early 1900's when people were homesteading in Southern Idaho after water had been obtained because of the Jerome Water Project in 1909. It covers the Taylor Grazing Act of 1934 and gives a very thorough picture of sheep life and all things associated with that life. Topics of discussions include: feding sheep on a paved highway; shipping sheep to market; homesteading on the desert of southern Idaho; land dispute with the Utah Construction Company; ranching families; the Flat Top Sheep company; Senator John thomas; Dennis Burk's first job; pulling sheep camp; lambing; sheeep herders; the depression years and hard times; ethnicity of the sheep herders; the Perine Bridge; the work of sheep ranching; the Tillamook fire; Rodgerson, Idaho; moonshine; sheep ranching while going to college; sheep grazing and environmentalists; ranch labor; and wool.]
Identifier OH 0013 BUR
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