Detail View: Nellie Vieira Photo Collection:

Photo man in front of house
F 10751
Description Summary: 
Photo of a man, wearing a suit, tie, and a hat, standing in front of the corner of a house, several cars sit to the right of the man and the house, tires and stones are piled between the man and the house, a window is visible to the left of the man, photo has a white border and scalloped edges, a stamp/inscription on the back reads "297(2)C"
Description Notes: 
Box T-56
Description Notes: 
Condition: good, glossy print, right edge appears burnt or darkened, all edges appear to be worn and browned
Date Original: 
Donated By Leah Goodson and Jeanne Wilkerson
Description Physcial: 
Black and White; 5.5 x 3.25 in.