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Gordon Gray Oral History
Gray, Gordon 1904-1981.
OH 0006 GRA
The Oral History Collection consists of taped interviews of long-time residents. This Oral History was conducted by Marian Breckenridge, who interviewed Gordon Gray in July 1977; the oral history was edited by Miram Breckenridge, Connie Grabow, and Judith G. Johnson, and transcribed by Bill Robertson and Gloria Roach.
Gordon Gray was born in the Alturas Hotel in 1904 and tells of exciting times in the young town of Hailey. He Worked for the Wood River Times and delivered papers to the Red Light District plus great stories of fires and other entertaining stories of the early 1900's and the 1880's of his parents youth. Topics of discussion include: stories about the (separate) arrival of both his mother and father in Hailey as youngsters (12 years old or so) in the early 1880s; discussion of colorful individuals and intesting events in Hailey; discussion of trailing of sheep through Hailey; discussion of the Hailey Hot Springs; tale concerning the celebration in Hailey when the news of the end of WWI became known; discussion of social life in early Hailey; mention of the rivalry between Bellevue and Hailey due to the contested election for county seat; mention of Permeal French coming from the Minnie Moore Mine folks and mention of other Hailey notables; and discussion of working as a prnters devil for the Wood River Times and later working at the Hailey Post Office.
Transcription index reads as follows: Alturas Hotel 1, 15; Armistice Day 9; Aukema Drug 8; Bands 10, 21; Baseball 14; Baxter Hotel 12; Bellevue-Hailey relations 9-10; Broadford Road 1; Burkett 21-22; Burkhart 22; Casino 12; Chinese in Hailey 2, 11; Civil War 1; Clothing stores 19; County seat election 9-10; Cuneo 4-5; Dances 10-11; Doctors 6; Fires 9; Fleming 13; French, Permeal 21; Friedman's Store 18, 20; Gannett 10; Guyer Hot Springs 12; Hailey-Buildings 2, 8, 15, 17-20; Hailey-Homes 2; Hailey Hot Springs 12; Hailey-Opera House 17; Hailey-Saloons 18; Hangings 2-3; Hopke, Russell 20; Horses 12; Kelley Gulch 13; Ketchum 11; Lambert, Austin 16; Lane's Store 13; larsen, C. P. 7; Lodges 19-20; Mellon, Andrew 14; Minnie Moore mine 20; Neusiis, Carl 13; Newspapers 3-4, 6-7; Picotte, T. E. 3-4, 6-7; Post Office 16; Prohibition 5-6, 18; Raaf, John 12; Red Light District 4-5, 9; Richards 3; Robinson 16; Schools 10-11; Seymour's Saloon 18; Sheep 13-14; Smith, Roy 1; Snug Bar 4; Strahorn, (Robert) 21; Transportation 10-12; Triumph Mine 16; Wallace 14; Wool 13; World War I 7, 15; Wright, (Robert), Rd. 20.
Subject, Topical: 
Subject, Topical: 
World War I Idaho; Hailey.
Subject, Topical: 
Sheep Idaho; Hailey.
Subject, Personal: 
Picotte, T.E. Editor of The Wood River Times Idaho; Hailey.
Subject, Organization: 
Hailey Hot Springs Hotel
Interviewer: Breckenridge, Miriam.
Date Original: 
july 1977.
The Community Library,
Oral history sound recording Transcription available; Indexed.
Coverage, Spatial: 
Hailey (Idaho)
Coverage, Temporal: 
july 1977.
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