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OraL History Lucile Friedman
Lucile Friedman 1900- .
OH 0047 FRI
This Oral history is delightful for capturing Hailey at the turn of the century.Lucile grew up in Hailey when the Mellon Family owned the townsite which was later incorporated and sold to John Hailey. She went swimming at The Hailey Hot Springs Hotel. She mentions how George Hearst owned the Triumph Mine .Her family had one of the first refrigerators in town. All the vegetables in winter came from Hagermann and how she would get a bananna for Christmas. Fruit was very rare in the winter. They made their own entertainment. The Indians came through every summer to collect the Camas bulb and hunt. They sold her father beautiful mocassins and beaded gloves. Topics of discussion included: Lucile's father's immigration to the US and move to Idaho; her father being mayor in Hailey; development of Indian springs as water source for Hailey; Hailey Hot Springs resort; memories of the Croesus mine; memories of ice delivery in the summer; basketball at the high school; Harold Mantle joining the national guard and going to fight Panch Villa in mexico and later becoming a Brigadier General; memories of high school education in Hailey; memories of Fourth Of July parade and riding in the "Liberty car" in the parade; Mr. Daft, the sampling works, and Mr. Daft's stories of area history; T. E. Picote; memories of native Americans passing through (and staying overnoght in Lucile's family's yard) Hailey in summer; memories of fights outside the local dances sometimes; discussion of family houses and businesses in early Hailey;
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Friedman, Lucille Idaho; Hailey.
Burke, Larry.
Oral history sound recording Transcription available; Indexed.
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Hailey (Idaho)
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